Delta Colours was originally founded by Abe Louw and Shawn Hays in Atlanta, GA in 1995. The focus of the company then, was to supply the North American plastic, coatings and ink markets with their colour needs. Delta Colours filled a niche role and became a supplier of colour solutions which was a fresh approach vs. the traditional model of suppliers performing a basic logistical service as a catalogue distributor.

This business plan was very successful and the company and brand soon grew to become very popular both with customers and suppliers. It was mostly due to the highly technical and professional calibre of our sales consultants and the focused approach which resulted in excellent service to our customers. The Delta Colours approach was always to be a local stock supplier of world class quality products and services for the markets that we serve. This attracted the leading global producers to add their products to our colour basket to make it a complete range.

Producers like Nubiola Inorganic Pigments, Ferro, Carlfors Bruk, SWADA, Meghmani all contribute to the shaping of the Delta Colours brand. In 2009 Delta Colours started operating in South Africa and brought a wealth of experience and global producer relations to this market and quickly became a leading colour pigment supplier with a complete range of products. Delta Colours’ provides technical support and has for instance the capability to do plastic colour matches through our Galomb desktop injection molder.

Our strength is especially in effect pigments like metallics, fluorescence, pearls, glitters and thermo-chromes.

Our sales force consists of the best experienced professionals.

Meet the Team

Back row: Shaun, Willem, Gen, Franny, Hennie, Derek, Danielle, Melissa
Front row: Charlene, Sharon, Petrus, Abe, Vickey, Lyn