Dane Color UK and Radiant Color BE merge to combine highly focused fluorescent color company

Dane Color and Radiant Color, two world class fluorescent manufacturing companies and both wholly owned subsidiaries of RPM, operating in the Day-Glo Group, will combine resources. This will be the start of a singularly focused program on growing these global businesses in Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia-Pacific, Central and South America. Dane Color manufactures and sells products under the SWADA, Sterling, and Nova-Glo brands where Radiant Color stands for its own well-known brand for many years. The joining of these two companies will allow for a fully organized effort to develop and serve customers with more innovation, product development and greater ability to create growth substantially above market rates.

Mr. Frank Rutten, President of Radiant Color, will lead this effort. Mr. Steve Mulhall, General Manger Dane Color, will report directly to Frank. Both Frank and Steve have a long history in these markets, geographies and customers and are well suited to work as a team to drive change and growth. By bringing together two highly capable organizations, the sales, R&D and manufacturing efforts will be maximized to focus on customers, market geographies and technologies and enhance our status as a global leader in fluorescent pigments and dyes.

About Dane Color

Dane Color owes its heritage to the original Dane & Company which started as a printing ink company in 1853. Short after introducing the daylight fluorescent technology in the UK, in 1953 the brand SWADA was created, being an amalgam of SWitzer And DAne. The Switzer brothers were the inventors of fluorescent pigments and inks and went on to establish DayGlo Color. After the purchase of Sterling Colour in 1981 and Nova-Glo in 1999 Dane Color is recognized as one of the world’s principal suppliers of fluorescent pigments and inks offering their customers a wide range of some of the brightest and cleanest high-performance colors available on the market today.

About Radiant Color

In 1967, Radiant Color, founded by Radiant Color USA, started the production of fluorescent pigments in Belgium. Radiant Color is recognized as the leader in the development and production of outstanding fluorescent pigments for the coating, ink and plastic industry. Radiant Color’s excellence is built on technology driven product performance, reliable service and innovation. Together with the introduction of the new logo in 2013, 3 new business pillars were added: More Colors – organic and inorganic pigments and concentrates, Specialty Resins made to customer specifications and Functional Solutions – supporting process automation and counterfeit protection. Radiant Color – your partner in colors and resins.