SAPMA Press Release

You’d expect the finest wines to emanate from Franschhoek, not some of South Africa’s top quality colour pigments.

But new SAPMA member, Delta Colours, has indeed made that iconic Western Cape town its base for providing colour solutions to the national coatings industry.

Established in Atlanta, USA, some 17 years ago, Delta Colours has been operating in South Africa since 2009. Under the leadership of its founders, South African Abe Louw, and American Shawn Hays, the focus of the company in its early days was to supply the North American plastic, coatings, and ink markets with their colour requirements. Delta Colours fitted a niche role and soon became a popular supplier of colour solutions – a fresh approach, compared with the then traditional model of suppliers performing just a basic logistical service as a catalogue distributor.

Petrus Scheepers, Marketing Manager of Delta Colours, tells SAPMA News that this innovative business plan proved most successful and the company’s brand soon rose to the top of the list for both customers and suppliers. “It was mostly due to the highly technical and professional approach of our sales consultants, and our focused approach which produced unprecedented service for our customers. The Delta Colours approach – back then and still today – has always been to be a local stock supplier of world class quality products and services for our specific markets. This policy attracted an increasing number of leading global producers to add their pigments to our colour basket to expand the Delta range even further.”

Petrus says renowned pigment producers such as Nubiola Inorganic Pigments, Ferro, Carlfors Bruk, SWADA, Lansco and Meghmani, to name just a few, all contributed to the shaping of the Delta Colours brand with their solid reputations in the world market. “In 2009, the company established operations in South Africa, armed with a wealth of international experience and close working relationships with some of the world’s top pigment manufacturers. Consequently, we soon became a leading colour pigment supplier on the local market with an enviable extensive range of products.”

He says Delta Colours provides more than just pigments but also offers exceptional technical support and has the capacity to handle plastic colour matches through the company’s Galomb desktop injection moulder.

“Our strength is particularly evident in pigments such as ultramarine blue, metallics, organics, fluorescence, pearls, glitters and thermo-chromes. We also provide cutting edge technology in anti-corrosive packages which is especially relevant to the coatings industry. With the support of Ferro – pioneers on cool roofing technology – we are one of the leading forces supplying ‘Cool Color’ pigments in the South African market. And our sale force continues to consist only of the top professionals.”

Delta Colours recently became the local distributor of SWADA fluorescent colours which include popular brand names such as Glowbug, as well as Dayglo products. The local distribution was previously handled by Charisma Colours.

“We see this new range as a tremendous boost for our business. It has great synergy with the rest of our pigment portfolio and we now believe that Delta has the most comprehensive colour portfolio in this market,” Petrus adds. “We look forward to being part of the SAPMA family and feel that this relationship will have substantial mutual benefits, particularly with SAPMA’s future growth plans.”

(One wonders, with the lovely Franschhoek as base, whether most customers and suppliers prefer to call on Delta Colours rather than the other way around….!)