Corrosion Inhibitors Introduction

Product Name: Nubirox
Description: The Corrosion Inhibitors range is composed of 2 sub-ranges: Anticorrosive Pigments and Liquid Flash Rust Inhibitors. Our Anticorrosive Pigments inhibits or prevent metal corrosion due to its electrochemical action. They are used in coatings directly in contact with the metal substrate.
Our Liquid Flash Rust Inhibitor prevents immediate rust of metal substrates, when they are in contact with a waterborne coating, (flash rust inhibition, when the coating is applied on the substrate, or in can rust prevention, when the coating is in-can stored) or simply just water (short term temporary protection of bare metal prior to storage or coating).
Product Range: Nubirox N2 - Zinc Phosphate Standard Type
Nubirox 106 - Organophilized Zinc Phosphate and Zinc Molybdate
Nubirox 301 - Calcium Strontium Phosphosilicate
Nubirox FR-10 - Nitrite-based liquid inhibitor

Nubirox N2

Product Name: Nubirox N2
Aplications: Anticorrosive
Description: Zinc Phosphate Standard Type
Features & Benefits: White anticorrosive pigment for application in anticorrosive paints with low cost and average performance features.

Nubirox 106

Product Name: Nubirox 106
Aplications: Anticorrosive
Description: Organophilized Zinc Phosphate and Zinc Molybdate
Features & Benefits: White anticorrosive pigment with high performance features, high compatibility and maximum efficiency. Excellent performance in waterborne systems. Recommended for thin film applications

Nubirox 301

Product Name: Nubirox 301
Aplications: Anticorrosive
Description: Calcium Strontium Phosphosilicate
Features & Benefits: Zinc free product for replacing Zinc based anticorrosive pigments

Nubirox FR-10

Product Name: Nubirox FR-10
Aplications: Anticorrosive
Description: Nitrite-based liquid inhibitor
Features & Benefits: Flash rust inhibitor for use in the manufacture of water base protective coatings