Bismuth Vanadate

Product Name: Lysopac® Yellow
C.I. Pigment: LPigment Yellow 184, C.I. 771740
Description: Bismuth Vanadate is a lead and chrome-free Inorganic Pigment which provides a Greenish Yellow shade. It is classified as a non-hazardous Inorganic Pigment. The Greenish Yellow colour has been classified as Pigment Yellow 184/C.I. 771740 by the Colour Index System. Its basic chemical composition is BiVO4. Bismuth Vanadate’s have been widely used in the Plastics and Coatings industries because of their outstanding weather and light fastness and good acid and alkali resistance. The pigments have outstanding fastness to migration in plastics and are readily dispersible.
In addition to that, their general features are:
  • High gloss and brightness
  • Opaque
  • Excellent light and weather fastness
  • Very easy to disperse
  • Excellent acid and solvent fastness
  • Good alkali fastness
Product Range: Lysopac® Yellow 6616B
Lysopac Yellow 6616B is an inorganic pigment of the bismuth vanadate chemistry. It has a very clean, greenish yellow shade, very high hiding power, together with very high light & weather fastness. 6616B is somewhat more opaque, greenish and approx. 10% stronger than 6615B.
6616B can be used to replace greenish version of chrome yellow to produce lead free formulations. Reddish or orange shades can be achieved by mixing organic pigments. At the same pigmentation level, the 6616B has a superior hiding power than a chrome yellow. Resulting from its characteristics, this pigment can be used in high performance applications such as OEM and car repair.