Multipure Range

Product Name: Multipure Range
Description: Multipure line from Multicel are pigments based on cadmium sulfide and zinc sulfo-selenide and cadmium, which offer a wide shade of colours ranging from greenish yellow through the oranges, reds and maroon. Although cadmium is classified as a heavy metal, these cadmium pigments are cadmium salts with soluble cadmium content extremely low and controlled, allowing use in several applications and complying with a number of global regulations. JMB is the only representative of Multicel for REACH and registered all cadmium pigments.
Cadmium Pigments have the following main characteristics:
  • Clean and bright colours
  • Easy dispersion
  • High tinting strength
  • Excellent thermal resistance (600 ° C)
  • Excellent weather and light resistance
  • Insoluble in water and organic solvents
  • Does not bleed
  • Does not migrate
  • Excellent stability, non-warping
  • Good resistance to alkalis and detergents
  • Compatible with other pigments
Applications: Recommended for use in plastics, architectural & industrial coatings, road marking, powder coatings, and other specialty markets.
Cadmium pigments have excellent resistance to high temperatures due to it their manufacturing process and can therefore be routinely used in polymers that are processed above 300°C, such as polycarbonate, polyamides and PTFE.
Road marking Paints
Cadmium pigments are used in thermoplastic paints production processes applied on urban roads, highways, bike paths, airports, parking lots, special signs. Great alternative to replace chromates and molybdates.
Product Range: Our differentiated quality control, allows us to monitor colour aspects and application, reproducing the system used by the customer. Our lots are tailor made per customer requirement, and produced following predefined pattern, giving batch to batch repeatability.
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