Lansco 2113 - Pyrazolone Orange 13

Product Name: Lansco 2113 Pyrazolone Orange 13
C.I. Pigment: Pigment Orange 13, C.I. 2110
  • Bright, clean, transparent Pyrazolone Orange with excellent tinting strength. 2113 has fair lightfastness in masstone/deep shades and is poor in tints.
  • Recommended for inks, plastics & limited coatings applications.

Lansco 1634 - Pyrazolone Orange 34

Product Name: Lansco 1634 - Pyrazolone Orange 34
C.I. Pigment: Pigment Orange 34, C.I. 21115
  • Bright, strong redder shade transparent type Azo Orange with fair lightfastness
  • Recommended for use in various printing applications such as solvent and water based inks
  • 1334 can also be used in selected paint applications for interior use
  • Also suitable for coloration of low temperature plastics and textile printing

Lansco 1564 - Azo Orange 64

Product Name: Lansco 564 - Azo Orange 6
C.I. Pigment: Pigment Orange 64, C.I. 12760
  • Opaque, reddish shade orange that is bright in chroma with very good light, weather fastness and heat resistance characteristics (FDA approved)
  • Primarily recommended for polyolefins, ABS, styrene, thermoset resins in addition to high quality powder and liquid industrial coatings