Lansco Dynasty - Red 48:2

Product Name: Lansco Dynasty - Red 48:2
C.I. Pigment: Pigment Red 48:2, C.I. 15865:2
  • Recommended for plastics & inks

Lansco 1353 - Red Lake 53:1

Product Name: Lansco 1353 - Red Lake 53:1
C.I. Pigment: Pigment Red 53:1, C.I. 15585:1
  • Bright, standard warm red pigment of excellent brightness and tinting strength
  • Yellowest shade Red C
  • Used in plastics for the coloration of HDPE, PVC with some uses in PUR foam and rubber
  • Recommended for plastics & inks

Lansco 1557 - Lithol Rubine 57:1

Product Name: Lansco 1557 - Lithol Rubine 57:1
C.I. Pigment: Pigment Red 57:1, C.I. 15850:1
  • 1557 is a calcium salt, bluish red (tint pale reddish violet) pigment with excellent brightness, color purity, tinting strength and chroma
  • Good heat stability for use in various plastics applications such as in rigid PVC, LDPE, HDPE, polystyrene, PP spin dyeing, and PUR foams
  • Recommended for coatings, inks & plastics

Lansco 1370 - Napthol Red 170

Product Name: Lansco 1370 - Napthol Red 170
C.I. Pigment: Pigment Red 170, C.I. 12475
  • Very bright, yellow shade Napthol red with very good lightfastness, opacity, flow properties and chemical resistance
  • Extensively used for high-grade industrial paints, implement enamels, agricultural equipment and powder coatings applications
  • Also used in higher quality printing applications for gravure printing, polyester films, textile printing, water based, UV, off-set, metal deco and ink jet inks
  • Can also be used in the plastics industry in PVC, HDPE and occasionally in polypropylene and spin dyeings

Lansco 1354 - DPP Red 254

Product Name: Lansco 1354 - DPP Red 254
C.I. Pigment: Pigment Red 254, C.I. 56110
  • Very opaque, bright medium shade red with excellent overall properties
  • Applications in water based and solvent based inks. Due to the excellent heat stability, 1354 makes a suitable colourant for use in various plastic applications such as PVC, HDPE, polystyrene, polyester spin dyeing, polyolefins, rubber and other areas

Meghafast 2B - Azo Red 48.4

Product Name: Meghafast 2B - Azo Red 48.4
C.I. Pigment: Pigment Red 48.4, C.I. 15865:4
  • Recommended for coatings and inks