Zinc Ferrite Yellow

Product Name: Nubifer Y-805K, Nubifer Y-905K
C.I. Pigment: Pigment Yellow 119, C.I. 77496
Applications: Nubifer K series are recommended for use in niche coatings applications, eg. powder coatings, coil coatings, stoving paints or any other coating that requires high heat fastness.
Nubifer K series are also recommended for use in plastics, synthetic turf, automotive interiors, wood plastics composites and synthetic leather.
Description: Zinc Ferrite is an inorganic pigment whose tan colour has been classified as Pigment Yellow 119/C.I. 77496 (Zinc Ferrite) by the Color Index System. Its basic chemical composition is a Spinel Fe2O3.ZnO Zinc Ferrites, being slightly redder than Yellow Iron Oxides, are used in niche coatings and plastics applications because of its enhanced heat-fastness vs Yellow Iron Oxides.
Both Nubifer Y-805K (more reddish shade) and Nubifer Y-905K (more greenish shade) are used in Powder Coatings, Coil Coatings, Stoving Paints and any other sort of Coatings that require high heat fastness. Nubifer Y-805K stands up to 300ºC (5 min) and Nubifer Y-905K, up to 260ºC (5 min) in PP.
Typical properties, of Zinc Ferrites show very similar properties to Yellow Iron Oxides:
  • High opacity
  • High compatibility with all kinds of binders
  • Ease to disperse and to wet
  • Excellent solvent fastness
  • Excellent alkali fastness
  • Excellent light fastness
  • No metamerism
  • Environmentally-friendly profile